Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 Planes MERGED into 1 or Optical Illusion - March 4, 2010

Since I've filmed the "Fake Plane" UFOs shrinking down back into small orbs that dove back down into the woods before (November 1, 2009-North Versailles, PA ), I'm wondering if these ones MERGED together just like in that video "UFO kidnaps, abducts, hijacks Plane". Not ONLY because it appears they combined, but because of how bright the light was showing through after going behind the treeline. Common sense would say that it should have been too far away by then to produce such a bright light in the trees.

Study it carefully. The air disturbance of following another aircraft that closely ALONE is most likely dangerous and I'm sure not allowed--like the front one turning off it's flashers. Plus, how could they follow so perfectly as to hide the front craft perfectly? Hmmmm. Ours? If so, someone should order a FAA RADAR report on that & get these guys in trouble, if so. Location it flew over, Renton Rd., Plum, PA 15239, 3/4/2010, 9:12 PM, headed WNW, put it in request form to FAA. Only THAT will show what the hell this was...

AND I put WTF? because I'm NOT SURE WHAT IT WAS that looked like two merging. BUT THE FIRST ONE IN VIDEO IS A UFO--the bright golden yellow/orange ball of light kind that hovers like a Mini-Sun. (Pity I have to waste time to put in disclaimers like this spelling everything out for the numb-skull debunkers who like to overlook important facts like that).

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