Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crop Circles 2009 - 2010

Who? What? Why?! Some say man made maybe HAARP or Scalar energy, some say ET, and some say the Earth (Gaia) herself produces these wonderful geometrically perfect crop circles... This years season is only days away - what will it bring? No one claims to make these crop circles - and those that do never show how they can... Electromagnetic fields, right angled stems that seem to have been heated from the inside out (much like a microwave), and peculiar growing patterns of the crops effected - some stay year round even after the harvest imprinted like a tattoo... One theory is the Earth produces these vibrations that appear in specific areas that lay along 'energetic grid lines' that the Earth naturally has... Another is these are messages from our cosmic brothers and sisters, just to say "Hi! We're here!" - or to actually help balance the Earth with positive energies that replenish a lot of what we take of her... One thing is for sure - no one has ever been caught in the process of making one - no one has come forward and claimed making the 'real' crop circles, and no one can explain exactly why they are made in the first place... So sit back, relax and enjoy these two videos - the first is in chronological order of the real crop circles that appeared, and the other is crop circle spins (one to bend zee mind a little - and even help expand your conscience).. Download all the crop circle images & Swirlies 0.3 here: Enjoy! :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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