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How could a devastating earthquake be caused deliberately?

Question by Agent Black: How could a devastating earthquake be caused deliberately?
Anyone saying that there is no way to cause an earthquake is either massively ignorant, naive ("No one would ever do such a thing!"), or deliberately disinforming the public. I am especially concerned about what I perceive to be a consistent campaign against my race in general and my country in particular.

Off the top of my head, I can think of as many as four ways to have caused the recent deadly earthquake. Anyone who says they don't exist must be an Agent of Disinformation.

1. Undersea or underground nuclear explosion.
Who has the most data on the Earth's crust, and would know where exactly to play atomic "Whack a Mole" on a continental scale?

2. A meteor could be guided by space probes to crash into the necessary location with the same effect as above. This is technologically feasible. The culprits could suppress telemetry that would warn the public of what was happening.

3. Nicola Tesla reportedly had a portable device that could cause earthquakes at will. This device used something he is said to have called "infra-waves." Evidently, he was one of the first scientists to have made an extensive study of sub-sonics. A lot of his research involved voltages and amperages not available to the general public, nor discussed extensively in schools.

4. X-RAY lasers (XASERS) can shatter matter. If these were deployed by satellite array, with sufficient amplitude (extremely short pulses are more effective than continuous beams,) what might not be achieved?

5. HIGH-ALTITUDE AURORAL manipulation. Someone wrote a book (ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP) about how a widely-known fundamental physics principle (Fleming's Left-Hand Rule) is being used- without the public's knowledge and consent- to manipulate the jetstream by ionizing it with masers located near the USA/Canadian border, originally intended to communicate with submerged submarines at the antipodes.

The ionized jetstream changes direction due to interaction with the Earth's magnetic field.
This effect can be used to cause weather changes- possible creating monsoon, hurricane or drought at will.

If the atmosphere can be given enough electrostatic charge, it has been theorized that the crust, and even magma could be affected. This process can be assisted by jet aircraft-seeded chemicals. (The notorious "chemtrails." Please search.) You know the effect when you rub a plastic ruler with your dry hand, and use it to attract bits of paper and even wood particles. Millions of our supposedly educated folk- up to and including university graduates, have not only never seen this effect demonstrated, they have never even heard of it- like it was erased from the curriculum. Therefore, what should be routinely-considered scientific possibilities seems like irresponsible sci-fi speculation to them.
Dear SLF: In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and fiasco, it comes as no surprise that the US Military was able to respond with commendable speed. There is really nothing wrong with that.

What I am suspicious of is that this Haiti earthquake comes as America needs a positive Public Relations profile after the Iraq and Afghanistan unnecessary warfare, because they are planning to wage yet another war in my own country on the flimsy pretext that an obvious Manchurian Candidate Instant Terrorist decided to solve his non-existent personal problems with a Dirty Bomb in his underpants.

Coincidence is not proof. My accusations are mere speculation. But we are talking about a country which has performed Bacterial experimentation on its own citizens (The Tuskegee Experiment), Atomic Experiments on its own citizens (sprayed radioactives into bus and railway stations), and Viral Experiments on its own citizens (AIDS virus in pretend Hepatitis C vaccine). All of which were proven.
If America can do that to its own citizens, what might they not do to those of countries they don't care what happens to? Is America bailing out Haiti because they care what happens to them?
Many, even most, citizens certainly care, but the government does not.

Dear "GARY B:" If the Atom Bomb were not used twice in the Second World War, and its damage effects not widely publicized and emphasized over and over, would you know, or even believe that such a weapon existed?
Do you understand that the American government did not suddenly become aware that nuclear bomb was possible in 1945? When it looked like the Axis Powers would get one first, then the Bottomless Pit of American Federal Government expenditure was mined in order to assemble this hellish weapon. I understand this cost 3 thousand million dollars? Were this money poured into conventional war effort, or (God Forbid) PEACEFUL RESOLUTION, would not the war have been ended without opening the Nuclear Pandora's Box?
During the 1960s, it was speculated that bombs up to 5,000 megatons were planned or built, and that a single weapon of this nature could exterminate all life on Earth in one swell strike (DUNLOP Book of Facts 1969).

Why do you think that a SINGLE bomb would have to be used, and that it would be situated on the SURFACE? This is sloppy thinking. Why would a suitcase tactical weapon be used for an atrocity of such importance?

By distorting the facts, agents of disinformation cover up atrocities by making their execution seem impossible through the resources supplied.

If the epicentre of the quake was six miles beneath the surface, why would the explosion not have taken place there? How do you know that the epicentre was six miles wherever they said? You trust them to tell the truth?

The English Channel Tunnel was a sci-fi pipe-dream when I was a kid. But somehow they dug 20miles under the sea to connect England and France. What's six miles?
If the blast(s) were underwater or underground, how would you detect their radioactivity?

If there were lots of small bombs used, it would not necessarily read as a bomb explosion. It might look totally natural- or to be scientific- "Within natural parameters."
Even if it didn't, the data gathered would be interpreted by Human beings, who can be bought, blackmailed, or just plain deceived.

As Josef Stalin said, "They that vote determine nothing; they that count the votes determine everything." Data is only as good as those who interpret it.

Dear "JOEMOSER1948:" When agents of disinformation cannot logically disprove suspicions, they invariably resort to deception and ridicule.

1. What would happen if one of your "little vibrations" were triggered within the infamous SAN ANDREAS FAULT in California? To say that man-made bombs only produce "little vibrations" is a terrible lie that separates the ignorant and stupid from the intelligent and educated.
The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs had a yield of less than 50 kilotons of TNT.
Atom bombs of today are measured in the MEGATONS. The biggest is reputed to be Russia's TSAR BOMBA- 500 Megatons.

If atom bombs were used on Haiti, we should really not complain stupidly, but thank America or whoever, profusely, that there's still a "Haiti" left.

2. My idea for how a space probe could cause an ELE Meteor strike is that one would only have to be sent upside a likely asteroid, and push it out of orbit with conventional rockets, ionic drive, solar sail, or whatever it is they're using today. Small rocks could be used to hit on larger rocks, like snooker in Space, until they get the strike they want.

Since they have their finger (which is a tasteless pun on the computer command) in every spacewatch facility on the Planet, it would be a simple hacking problem to make sure no one sees anything. After all, these people successfully pretended a jet airliner hit the Pentagon in 9/11, didn't they?
3. Nicola Tesla is too big for you to dismiss as "just a crackpot," I notice. I heard that the FBI followed Tesla around and picked up every tissue he blew his nose on, in case some important formula were scribbled on it. When he died, the FBI stole all his papers.
OF COURSE they have followed up on his "Earthquake Machine" design, and perfected it many times over, as a "Weapon of Last Resort." I heard of a French scientist (pre-1980s) who made a giant (4 feet long) gendarme's whistle, to study its harmonics effects. The hapless lab assistant who started its air pump blower up fell dead over it instantly. Autopsy showed his internal organs had turned to jelly. A more cautious repeat of the experiment was done in an open space, from inside a blockhouse. Starting it up slowly, the device shattered windows in a half-mile radius LONG before it reached its maximum output. It was shelved, never to be used again.

I know about all these accounts, and they have to have an influence on me.
4. If your knowledge of laser technology is limited to comic books and movies, which are written by people or whom science is not their primary realm of expertise, then it is no wonder that your knowledge is dated, and you might not be able to conceive what can be done based on the fundamental laser technology. (I mean, you don't have to be covering things up. Cutting you slack!) In THE DEATH FREAK, by Herbert Burkholz and Clifford Irving ("John Luckless"), a number of exotic deadly weapons are mentioned. The most hi-tech was a laser actuated by a neodymium trigger. This enables an extremely brief pulse of energy to be transmitted. This pulse, when it contacts solid matter causes a shockwave explosive effect, which was estimated, in a portable device, to be powerful enough to take out an entire wing of a building and everyone in it (which I remember after all these years because it was important to the plot). Such ultra-fast switching did not become possible until recently.
But this is not what I was talking about. I mentioned XASERS, not LASERS as being useful for this job. The right frequency of laser would reach the ground, but absorption at the surface would be an issue. But X-RAY AMPLIFICATION by STIMULATED EMISSION of RADIATION could go much deeper than they have to tell us about, and have all sorts of effects that never make it into READER'S DIGEST or SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

5. When you can't disprove the science, attack the reputation and credibility of the whistleblower? "Attack is the best means of defense?" Well, lets go to the WIKIPEDIA reference: "Dr. Bernard.... Eastlund is one of the patent holders (US Patent #4,686,605) that led to the development of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP which has been sensationalized in many books as a weapon with the potential to destroy the world by creating a death ray and altering weather patterns." By the way- this man is now dead. Nothing suspicious about that, of course.

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