Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Victor" Interviewed by Art Bell [Part 1 of 8]

The Area 51 whistle-blower known only as "Victor" did this radio interview on May 23, 1997. Victor is a very paranoid individual. Unfortunately, because he fears for his personal safety he has only offered interviews anonymously. This is the second of Victor's three interviews. The first being the earlier 1997 documentary "Area 51: The Alien Interview" by Rocket Pictures that he speaks of in this interview. The third interview was held in 2008, and released as bonus footage for the re-release of "Alien Interview". Victor's concerns for his personal safety are not unwarranted. Others connected with S-4 who came forward have been threatened, shot at, and even murdered. Research the stories of Bob Lazar, Dan Burisch, and Phil Schnieder. While there are some discrepancies in their testimonies, there are also many correlations. I would recommend that everyone seriously interested in ET phenomena investigate their claims and evaluate for themselves. Note: Some have claimed that Victor is Robert Dean. This is false. Listen to Robert Dean's interviews. There are no similarities in their speech patterns or personalities. Disclaimer: The crappy Windows error noises in the background are not my fault. I didn't record the audio. Feel free to save and re-post this interview to Google Video and/or YouTube. The YouTube version is chopped into eight 10min segments, but the Google Video version is one 1h20m clip. If you are saving for offline viewing, it's easiest to save the Google Video ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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