Thursday, November 25, 2010

Postpartum Depression Hallucinations or real hauntings??!! Please help!?

Question by Jmama09: Postpartum Depression Hallucinations or real hauntings??!! Please help!?
My cousins girlfriend is 18 years old and just had a baby on December 13th. After the baby was born she cried for a week straight and today put on a pair of jeans that didnt fit and fell to the floor balling her eyes out (mind you shes a size 2), sense the baby has been born she claims shes seen people hanging upside down in her daughters eyes, she found her daughter moved to the end of her crib with blankets wrapped over her face and body (only she seen this), shes seen her daughters diapers fly out of the package and just TONIGHT she walked into her apartment and claims her christmas tree was tipped over, a picture was smashed on the floor, another picture was thrown across the room and the cross over her daughters crib was laying in the crib! Ok now when she claimed she seen the image in her daughters eyes she ran out of the apartment with her hystericly crying but went back with her boyfriend and said she heard "growling" and they ran out but today SHE went there ALONE and seen that done to her apartment? Does this sound like a bad case of "Postpartum" or actual "Hauntings"?? Also they lived there 6 weeks prior to the birth without any incidents and she always seems to not want to take the baby with her or wants to have time away from the baby! Thanks for your advice and thoughts were very worried about whats going on !

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  1. You seriously are ignorant. Obviously you know nothing about postpartum depression and shouldn't be calling anyone a nutjob. It is DEFINITELY NOT jealousy. It is serious. And to the woman experiencing this, the worst thing for her is having people think she is lying or just crazy. That will make it worse. So what you need to do is BELIEVE her and sympathize for her while getting her help. mookie - you're way out of line.

  2. Hi All,

    I saw this was posted awhile ago, for anyone still looking for info on someone you care about or yourself I thought I might share my story. I'm 26 and had a baby a few months ago. Everything was fine when my son was born. When I went back to work I was tired all the time. I was so focused on the baby, my husband, and my job, that I forgot to take care of me and my mental health suffered. After an argument with my boss I started getting extreame anxiety. I stopped wanting to answer my phone, even if it was a dear friend or family member. I started seeing shadows, things move about my apartment. At night I felt the bed shake. I found my son wrapped in his sheets in the corner of the bed with them around his head and neck (babies do that if they have blankets in their crib, it's just a thing that happens...that's why doctors say don't put ANYTHING in the crib with the baby for the first year or so). I started having paranoid delusions that the meat industry was poisioning our meat. I stopped eating meat and dairy and became a vegan. I started thinking my martial arts teacher hated me because I couldn't tumble quickly. I had thoughts about running my car off the road. When I threw my son in the air to play with him I thought about hitting his head on the cieling on "accident". I started having delusions about someone kidnapping him. I started hearing things and seeing dead people's faces about the apartment. I felt people behind me. I became angry, reclusive. I never let my son see any of this. I feel like my husband was affected but I never talked to him about it. I have a masters in psychology so I know none of this was rational or normal. I called a mental health professional who diagnosed me with postpartum psychosis. I have no previous history of mental health issues. Please if you experience any of these things go see a doctor. Even if you think you can get past it. Your house isn't haunted, your kid is fine, just go get help. Do it now. I am now fully recovered. :)