Sunday, November 28, 2010

Q&A: is everyone who claims to be abducted by ufo's really liars?

Question by eliyahu: is everyone who claims to be abducted by ufo's really liars?
i was doing some thinking about UFOs recently. and i came to the conclusion that no one on earth has ever seen one before.
people say they zoom around; here one second gone the next. wouldn't that mean they've broken the sound barrier their moving so fast? therefore achieving a sonic boom? which makes a very loud noise. and ive never heard a ufo story that describes a loud boom as their flying away. some might say its warp technology, but if they have the technology to fly(warp) from where ever they are to here, and hit us with a beam of light that makes us float to their space ship, don't you think they'd have x-ray technology? and if they do then why would they probe us, or cut us open? people say they have implants from the aliens, which is usually a small bit of metal. wouldn't they have a more sophisticated tracking system? other people say "if aliens have never been here how can you explain crop circles?" i think the fact that crop circles quit being circles and started being fantastic designs is proof enough that people got more creative as time went on, and not proof that UFOs have ever been here. so i guess im a skeptic and am really just looking for people to argue/agree with, but isn't that proof enough that everyone who claims to have been visited by a ufo are really just delusional?

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