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Unusual Vacations

Unusual Vacations

The word ‘Vacation' is synonymous to sunbathing on sandy beaches with sparkling blue water, touring dusty yet awe inspiring museums and monuments, easing the stressors of daily routine at spas and finding adventure by taking a safari or going camping. If you are looking for more, for a vacation beyond the norm, here are a few unusual vacation ideas that might catch your fancy:

If history or war is your passion, then you can relive the often forgotten past by becoming a part of it. Join a reenactment groups and bring history to life. There are numerous groups, so you can pick your battle – become a fierce Roman warrior or soldier marching of against the south.

If Captain Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean is more your scene, you can dive to explore shipwrecks. There are numerous companies that offer shipwreck diving for beginning, intermediate and expert divers. Some shipwrecks sites that you can explore are the RMS Rhone in the British Virgin Islands, the Zenobia in Cyprus and the many shipwrecks off the Isles of Scilly in England.

If you are looking for a rush without any actual danger, consider a cross country or a world tour of the best amusement parks.

Take a covered wagon tour of the U.S. and old west. Explore the ghost towns filled with memories of long ago gold rush days and settlers traveling in search of new lands and homes.

The god rush, Gold prospecting vacations in the western U.S. and Alaska are a possibility as well.

If you feeling philanthropist, spend your vacation as volunteer, planting trees in the Amazon, building houses for poor or even teaching English or some other subject in a foreign country.

Take a guided expedition or exploration outing. There are scientific outings that welcome guest participants, though you will still have to pay your way. But, perhaps you would like to study whales or wolves. Maybe you'd like to sail the oceans and study various ocean life.

Explore the ancient ruins of North and South America. There are true treasures in the ancient native ruins to be found in the U.S. Southwest and in South America, in places that once housed the Anasazi, Incas, Mayans and other ancient peoples. See and learn how they lived. Gain a new perspective and respect for these ancient people and for what they contributed even to our present culture.

Take a wine-tasting tour. You can do this in the United States, in numerous locations, or you could take an international trip and enjoy the tastes you might not be able to find at home.

You might even want to scour the world in search of world "monsters" while you're in the vicinity. What about a search for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, or how about Europe's snowy version of the U.S. Bigfoot?

Go to a coast and swim with dolphins, whales or even sharks. Yes, there are even services which specialize in providing customers the opportunity to swim with wild sharks. You might prefer, however, the more docile dolphins as swimming companions, though there are even hazards there. Learn dolphin etiquette and you should do well. For more information Visit Us At :

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