Monday, December 20, 2010

am i haunted?? according to this i think i am?

Question by Dayna: am i haunted?? according to this i think i am?
okay so my mother is a witch (this is katrina by the way her daughter :) and she left one day and my friend hanna and i were playing with this pendulum thing which you hold above your palm or indicated mat thing. SO, i have been feeling very watched and i have schizophrenia. and it only kicks in when a ghost is around (just another gift i inherited from my mom). so i asked it "pendulum.. is there a spirit fallowing me?" it sung the yes way. then i asked "pendulum.. is the spirit and good spirit?" it sung the no sign. "pendulum.." i asked.."is this spirit a demon?" it sung a huge YES and i got scared and i asked it if the demon could see me and it said yes if it could hear me it said yes........ THEN i asked if the demon was powerful enough to hurt me it sung maybe. SO i cannot talk to my mom about this one ill get grounded two ill get smudged with insense. and three she wont do anything!
okay and i dont have like exact skitophrania you know have you ever seen ghost whisper how that guy cant see ghost but he can hear them? i can hear spirits my doctor even says i dont have skits like the legit skits

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  1. It by chance that you are being haunted there would be no doubt in your mind or anyone else's mind that you are being haunted period...........

  2. No,you are not haunted,you are just a little spooky that's all.

  3. Regardless of whether you are haunted or not, schizophrenia is a very serious illness. Are you getting the proper help for it?
    I don't think your episodes when a ghost is around. I think that there is another trigger and you REALLY need to start getting help for it. Even if your mother is a witch, not everything has a supernatural answer. Was it your mother that told you your episodes were caused by ghosts?
    Schizophrenia is not something effected by supernatural causes. It is very serious and you need to learn to take it serious. It can could paranoid delusions, which could account for the feeling that someone is always watching you.
    I really hope you are getting the help you need.

  4. wow i felt scared. well let me tell you my powerS i can move thing with my mind and i can read mind and i can aslo cast spells and im just 12 years old and i aslo can see into the future and have visions too.

  5. I doubt it, but it sounds as if you want to be. If you believe in know you are watched. Just except it and move on to the next level. If there is a negative entity in your home it is feeding from negativity..starve the Bas*ard. Keep positive.

  6. You're on Scare Tactics!. :)