Monday, December 20, 2010

Are elephants immune to toxic lakes???

Question by cheer chick: Are elephants immune to toxic lakes???
Im trying to find out if "Nessie" is real but some people say it could just be a elephant but the loch ness monster live in toxic water so I want to know if elephants are immune to toxic lakes?

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  1. No, elephants require relatively clean water to survive,just as we do.
    I would doubt very much if "Nessie" is an elephant or even related to the pachyderms, as they need a much more temperate climate to live in than the glens and lochs of Scotland.
    I am unsure just how clean Loch Ness is, as I have not come across any toxicity reports. But as it is safe to fish there and to boat and even swim in, I should not think is so very toxic.
    Toxic water is usually stagnated water that is attacked by algae.
    The "Nessie " myth has survived longer than the age of any known animal .
    Which means,if Loch Ness is inhabited by more than fish and eels, then there must be more than one "Nessie".