Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can someone please help me to find some information on the history of circles in mathematics ?

Question by rickomak f: Can someone please help me to find some information on the history of circles in mathematics ?
Thanks to those who answered my previous question. I am making a maths project on the chapter "CIRCLES" and i need your help to find me some information on the history and practical applications of circles. I have surfed in GOOGLE but it is unable to provide me any sort of information. More than half of the search-result page gives info about crop circles which is out of topic. What i ned here is information of circles in simple mathematical terms.

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  1. A fun part of the history of circles in math is the understanding of pi. Its approximations have grown in accuracy and complexity over time. They have been around for many thousands of years and exist in most cultures.

    Its recorded to amazing accuracy in the Holy Bible.

    Circles dont exist in the real world. The real world is 3d, while a circle is 2d. A carving is a 3d surface on a 3d object. Even a pencil on paper is a thin 3d shape on a 3d object. The construction of things like lathes, collumns, and pillars has to account for errors in concentricity, axis orientation & variance along the path. These are issues that are important to the builders, the constructors of facilities, that have been around since the tent/yurt/hut was invented.

  2. search on the phrase 'Mathematical Circles' (without quotes) and you will find more joy in your seeking.

  3. look up the history of geometry in ancient greece on the web

  4. I wish I could remember just how long ago this happened, and who the people were, but:

    Way, way back, some royalty type needed a person he could trust to accomplish some important tasks. He searched the land for the person who could draw the best free-hand circle. That was the "only" thing you needed to be able to do better than anyone else in order to get this fabulous job. That's how valued and revered the circle was and is.

    Oh, and try googling something like "history circles."