Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chemtrails vs Contrails A short video showing that Chemtrails and contrails are not the same thing. This spraying program of the atmosphere is occurring world wide, and our governments refuse to tell us what this is for... What has been found in chemtrails varies with all sorts of toxic metals such as Barium found. What is this for? population culling, weather modification, biological warfare, weakening immune systems, etc. or could it be a combination of things depending what they are doing in the specific day...why are governments quiet about this, is there are larger more powerful group behind this? Will the mainstream media cover this subject properly? Do your own research make your own minds up.


  1. Do clouds disappear in seconds? Persistent contrails have been around since before ww2. We see more today because there are many more and much larger planes flying today. Here is some real contrail facts. Just one engine on a jet today puts much more exhaust than all 4 of a B-17 engines! That covered the sky over Germany with clouds.

  2. Here is the real science of contrails explained and why this chemtrail religion people want to follow with no proof is such a joke!

  3. These statements are all easily and independently verifiable, except ice proportions, which you can find at jazzroc. wordpress. com

    All aircraft trails are definitely contrails. And this is why
    Burning kerosine makes an equal amount of water
    All long-distance planes cruise in the stratosphere which is stable and clear most all the time - except when it sometimes holds visible ice crystals in cirrus clouds
    The stratosphere can hold in supersaturation (only when very clean!)

  4. an excess of water as vapor
    This excess can boost the density of the trail by up to 10,000 times
    So 10,000 times as much ICE as the engines make by burning kerosine may be visible to you
    So ALL aircraft trails are DEFINITELY CONTRAILS

    All aircraft trails are definitely not "chemtrails"
    The gap between engine and trail evidences the invisible exhaust vapors and gases emitted by the engines
    Metals don't make invisible vapors - in fact they're used in fireworks

    So there are no metals of any kind in the exhaust
    So there is NEITHER aluminum NOR barium present in ANY TRAIL, because trails ALWAYS begin with a GAP
    ANY organic material WILL burn in a jet flame at 2,500 degrees C to produce that GAP, for carbon dioxide (invisible) and steam (invisible) is what they MUST make
    No metals. No organics. Just spent fuel and air
    So ALL aircraft trails are DEFINITELY NOT "CHEMTRAILS"

  6. @ChrisArcen Chris!!! WTF are you doin', guy?? Still obsessed with chemtrails after all these years? Big surprise! So, did you get a bonus on your govt check yet for all the lies you've been spreading?

  7. This video explains why this Chemtrail Religion is a joke!

  8. @taledarkside Of course he can't answer you but are "experts" on subjects they know absolutely nothing about. They are suffering from Dunning Kruger Effect. Common among chemtards.

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  11. @firstwave2
    So you still can't answer how many flight hours you have as a pilot. Oh no, your hurting my credibility because I mispelled a word because my computer lags. Yet, you support an idea that water vapor vanishes within minutes.

    You claiming to be a marine and the comment getting deleted is very interesting.

  12. @taledarkside no I deleted nothing ! Lets do it this way your welcome to stop by my dojo -this way I can show you my ID and give you a run down of my life-I have nothing to hide- the dojo is easy to find -L.A Aikido .This way you can see my military ID along with my logged time and so on.At that point you can let me know face to face that I lie.On a side note, you should learn the proper spelling of 'soldier' .Let me know when you will be stopping by and I will also bring my album.

  13. @firstwave2
    I guess you deleted your lie about being a military solder.

  14. @firstwave2
    I asked how many hours of flight have you logged

  15. @taledarkside 6 years with the U.S.M.C -what's it to you- and were and how did you serve.

  16. @firstwave2
    How many hours have you logged as a pilot?

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  18. to bad the author of this video has no clue on the definition of aircraft contrail.

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  21. @MustaffaCuppa Yeah, it is fucking wrong. NOwhere have chemtards been able to take a sample of anything correctly and have it analyzed, they are too ignorant.