Friday, December 17, 2010

For People Who ask "why astrology?"?

Question by Sorafanforever: For People Who ask "why astrology?"?
Yeah, I see a lot of people who, including on this board that wonder why people look into astrology and believe it. Well I'm here to say people have several different reasons. Me personally I think astrology is interesting. I'm feel its not 100% like some people might believe, but I think that its interesting what the astrology world has to say about a beings personality. It make me evaluate others and themselves a little closely. Even if it doesn't seem like your personality, it can make you see that side of you that you missed. Just a thought.

So tell me, why do you guys study the stars? :)
I'm born 5/9/1990. You can do a chart if you wish...... :) If you would like to do numerology: Raven Nicole Henderson 5/9/1990. Thank you.

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