Friday, December 17, 2010

Ghosts and color...?

Question by Lighthawk Demon: Ghosts and color...?
1. Do you believe in ghosts/hauntings/demons, etc...

2. Would you go "ghost hunting?"

3. Would you live in a supposed 'haunted home?"

4. What color are you?

This isn't a racist question.

A friend of mine at work and I often debate about ghosts and the paranormal. Often I will tell him about a show or documentary I saw and the ghost/spirit/demon/entity... whatever, and what it did to the person or family in said documentary.

Inevitably my friend will ask, "What color was this person/family?"

And that starts our little banter about the difference between the way the black populous sees and handles "hauntings" versus white people

To clarify... I am white, my friend is black.

This is just an attempt to see where the consensus lies according to the way blacks and whites handle ghosts/hauntings.

To clarify further,... my friend contends that black people tend to shy away from the paranormal whereas whites rush into the unknown a little too eagerly.


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