Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is there some good evidence AGAINST the UFO "contactees?"?

Question by Joe Blow: Is there some good evidence AGAINST the UFO "contactees?"?
Like Billy Meier? And Adamski? I'm sure someone has investigated and come up with some kind of findings.

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  1. Yeah they have. That these folks are attention seekers.

  2. The two pieces of evidence against people claiming they've interacted with UFOs/aliens are physics and common sense.

    Physics tells us that faster-than-light travel is impossible, and astronomers tell us there are not likely any planets anywhere near us (<100 light years...remember, we only started sending radio signals into space ~90 years ago, so no one would know we're even here before that) that could probably support life, let alone intelligent, space-faring life.

    Common sense tells us that if aliens were to travel here, given the time and effort required, they wouldn't be chatting up average citizens from Poedunk, Iowa. They'd probably try to reach a larger audience and to contact people better trained to communicate with them and better positioned to tell the rest of us about it. For that matter, common sense says they'd have sent us a radio message long before coming here anyway.

    Intelligent life in the cosmos, assuming it exists elsewhere, is likely separated from us by unbelievable amounts of space and time, and if we ever interact with it, it will probably be by remote communication, not direct contact.