Tuesday, December 21, 2010

POLL: twilight fans answer these questions?

Question by Livvy R: POLL: twilight fans answer these questions?
1. favorite book out of the four?-twilight,new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn
2. favorite cullen(s) and why?
3. favorite scene(s) in twilight movie?
4. best actor or actress in the movie
5. team jacob, team edward or are you team switzerland
6. how many times have you seen the movie
7. favorite part in twilight book
8. favorite part in new moon book
9. favorite part in eclipse book
10. favorite part in breaking dawn book

1. Eclipse-becuz of all the conflict
2. Alice and Emmett-Alice cuz shes so perky and happy and Emmett cuz lets face it he is HILLARIOUS
3. the scene were edward and bella are walking toward the school and bellas like "you know everybodys staring" then edward is like "not that guy. oh he just looked" omg and then so funny "im breaking all the rules now anyway" *puts arm around bella* "since im going to hell" lol me and my friend were laughing so hard at the scene.
and my second fave scene was where edwards coming to meet charlie as bellas boyfriend. omg love this scene
bellas like "he wanted to me you officaly. hes right outside" and charlies like "alright" does the gun thing and bella jumps "bring him in"
lol omg that scene was too funny.
omg and the scene were the cullens are all coming into the caffiteria and its like JESSICA: "The blond girl, thats Rosalie and the the big dark haired guy Emmett, they're like a thing, I'm not even sure thats legal."
ANGELA: "Jess they're not actually related."
JESSICA: "Yeah but they live together, it's weird. And, the little dark haired girl, thats Alice, she's really weird and she's with Jasper, the blond one who looks like he's in pain. " OMG the look on jaspers face was priceless
and then edward comes in and bella asks jess who he is and jess is like "thats edward cullen but aparently nobody here is good enough for him" OMG his smile is sooo hilarious/dazziling.
4. Ashley Greene- she was perfect. excactly how i imagined alice to be.
5. when im reading the books usually im team edward but then jake will be nice and suddenly i become team switzerland but then he screws it up and i go back to team edward:)
6. 4 times. first time was with my friend. then a bunch of us went. then i went with my sisters, and then i dragged my boyfriend along(he fell asleep 20 mins into the movie and woke up when he heard the girls screaming lol

7. twilight-the part were bella is sitting on edwards lap and her stomach growled so edward said "breakfast time" and bellas hands flew up to her throat and edward got this horified look and bella started cracking up and said "and u said i couldn't act" and edward said that wasn't funny" so bella said "it was very funny and u know it" so edward said "may i rephrase. i meant breakfast for the human" and bellas like "oh ok"
8. new moon-the part were bella see's the black marcedes and its alice-at that part i was like oh yeah the cullens are BACK!! wooo lol
9. eclipse-the part were charlie gave bella the sex talk and the part were bella punches Jacob and Edward gets all protective and starts threatening Jacob
10. breaking dawn-the conversation with leah, jacob and seth
when leah is like mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby
and then jacob said on his head apparently
and leah's like he used to gnaw on the crib bars, too.
Jacob-lead paint?
leah-Looks like it
and then seth-Funny, why dont you two shut up and sleep. omg lol i love that part.
and jakes dumb blonde jokes to rosalie and then rose gave him his food in a bowl that said fido
and the part where bella finds out jakeup inprinted on renesmee and he called her "nessie" and she screamed "you nicknamed my daughter after the loch ness monster and then she attacted him.
and the part were edward and bella are hugging and she made him say "ow" and she got all proud and the part were jasper and alice return because them two are my fave
lol that was a lot i know...but what are ur answers

What do you think? Answer below!


  1. ??-???Lå-?? EDWARD CULLEN?December 21, 2010 at 3:46 AM

    Havent read them all. Cant get my hands on them, everywhere is sold out here. Twilight
    Edward for sure. Hes beautiful. I love his love for Bella.
    I love every scene in Twilight. My fave movie ever. When they are in that tree probably. I also soooo agree with your answer for this question.
    Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart. I kno, its not a very original answer, but they truely are great people
    Team edward
    2, seeing it again tomorrow
    I dont kno. maybe when she said she wasnt scared of fim and then he growled at her and jumped on top of her lol.

  2. [DEAD) from |BOREDOM|December 21, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    1. Twilight because to me it was the best book.
    2. Alice because
    3. Baseball scene!
    4. Nikki Reed because she portrayed Rosalie's jealousy/hatred towards Bella perfectly.
    5. Team Edward but I like Jacob just not with Bella.
    6. Once or twice.
    7. The meadow!
    8. The part where Bella, Jacob and Mike are at the movie theater and Jacob keeps insulting Mike. =P
    9. The sex talk between Bella & Charlie. Lol
    10. Jacob's dumb blonde jokes and when Bella flipped out on him for giving the nickname Nessie. =P

  3. 1.) Eclipse -- because it's the most ACTION packed of the whole series
    2.) ALICE and EMMETT --because they are the ones who are not BORING. of course EDWARD is a shoo-in but hey, we all know that.
    3.) The first time they arrived in school together and the gunshot scene with Charlie...that was funny. But there's this one scene where we all broke out in LAUGHing...when Bella opened her eyes at the hospital and BAM! her mother's face..CLOSE UP.. was frightening and hilarious at the same time!
    4.) ALICE, EMMETT and JASPER -PERFECT! I'm still waiting for JACOB to mature. CHarlie was endearing also.
    5.) Team Edward
    6.) ONCE -didn't like it that much really.
    7.)TWILIGHT-- When Edward Stayed overnight...:)
    8.)NEW MOON -- "I drowned. Crap!Crap!Crap!..." Bella waking up after the long flight from voltera ..she didnt' believe that Edward was really there with her...
    9.) ECLIPSE -- Bella and Edward's night together alone; the TENT Scene where Jacob and Edward discuss each other's feelings for Bella; SETH and EDWARD sharing a moment after killing victoria and riley; Edward coming over as soon as bella called and complained about jacob's kiss and she broke her arm. Emmett teasing bella "Fell down again Bella?" "no, i punched a werewolf in the face"
    10.) BREAKING DAWN -- I LOVED ALL THE CHAPTER TITLES for JACOB's book. ahahha it was just so funny. I agree on the lead paint and stuff...I liked the WHOLE JACOB PERSPECTIVE. :)

  4. Lol i'm actually bored enough to answer these :)

    1. Uhmm my favorite book would have to be the original twilight.
    2. Edward, because hes so sweet and all and alice coz shes so cute and funny
    3. i love when edward and bella walk together from the car and bella's like every ones starting adn edward goes not that guy oh wait he looked and when Laurent's at th Cullen's coz james is just starting to hunt bella and he goes ive never seen anything like ti in my 300 years; me and my friends like laughed so much at that, just the way he says it and coz he looks so young too
    4. I really liked edward and bella [obviously] and alice the girl who played her made her seem pretty Much exactly as i imagined her, unlike most of the other characters did
    5.Uhmm TEAM EDWARD. duh lol btu i like jacob too, but i mean twilight and edward go hand in hand really lol
    6. how many times have you seen the movie
    7. I love the whole description of the prom, with bella standing on edwards feet and them dancing together, how sweet ;] oh and i really liked yours too! i would have said that, but i forgot about it lol im not really a quote rememberer
    8. i jJustlove the way bella works out how to use edwards voice, and like does crazy things just to hear him. Its llikeshe loves him that much that she'll risk her life jJustto hear him
    9. I Cant realy remember one, btu i love in yours where bella punched jacob adn broke her hand :P
    10. LLikeyou said, rosalie and jacobs whole jjokes and he fido thing HHILARIOUS lol i like all your ffavoriteparts lol, i read all the books and they like blured together kinda so yeh but i love how bella and edward can like be even close when she turns into a vampire, and how renesmee and bBella'srelationship is so close, and the first time, well second tTimethey see eeach otherrenesmee shows her the images of her llookingreally bad and all and bBella'slike urghh why does she have such and ugly memory of me

    there not that grat, adn most of them are jsut yours, btu yeh twilights the best :)

  5. 1. eclipse
    2. edward he is sweet and just funny
    3.the baseball sceen it was so tight and i love that song they played by muse
    4.bella [kristen stewart] switzerland
    6.only once[if i had it my way 20] lol
    7.didnt read it i skipped i cuz i say the movie sorry
    8. new moon would be like the cliff diving or when alice come back and they go to get edward before he exposes himself to everyone
    9.the sex talk was hillarious or i laughted to hard when i heard that quil was imprinted to a 2 year old and bellas reaction was princeless
    10. havent read it yet

  6. Well i am in the middle of new moon but i already know about the proposal(s) and the sex scene but i would say twilight is the best

    Edward Cuz hes romanitc sweet and he is SO SEXY

    When shes is like everyones staring... and the make-out scene

    Rob Pattinson all the way

    Teeam EDWARDDD<3

    2 but i am watchoing all the time when DVD comes out

    All of it

    in middle of new moon

    Not read yet
    Not read yet