Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What are the creepiest photos ever of alleged "ghosts"?

Question by wearygigapet: What are the creepiest photos ever of alleged "ghosts"?
I want to be spoooked.
I mean photos of "ghosts"

What do you think? Answer below!


  1. the 1 from a boat where there friend died and they sent him out to see and it followed the boat. Creepy. SRY I don't have a pic and link but i heard about it like 3 years ago.

  2. i thinks on the places no one has visited for a long time..or the places where there has been a dead body..

  3. go to,you'll find scary pics in there..,

  4. i have seen heaps on utube..just have to be willing to sit and watch them all

  5. this ones not really a ghost but it is the creepiest painting i have ever seen. its called 'The Hands Resist Him':

    and this one really scared me, a supposed ghost from the amityville house, heres the original picture:

    and the closeup:

    and look at the photos on this site, the last one freaks me out:

    theres plenty to be found on the internet, those are some of the creepiest in my opinion because they look so real! enjoy :)

  6. I agree. Go to