Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why would an evil clown ghost be haunting a house?

Question by juniperflux32: Why would an evil clown ghost be haunting a house?
Discovery Channel last night, 10/7. The show "Hauntings" was talking about a rental house that was haunted by a dead clown. Why would a ghost dress up like a clown? Seriously, people.
woops, I mean 10/5. My calendar was still on September.

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  1. yeah but was it a ghost that became a clown, or a clown that became a ghost?

    a ghost becoming a clown is stupid, but a clown dying and becoming a ghost is a whole 'nother story...

  2. There is no such thing as ghosts. Seriously, people!

  3. It is the best of both worlds. People are already affraid of clowns. this way you get a clown that wants you to laugh until you die. You are the audience that never laughed and for that he must haunt you the way you have haunted him for years. At least it is not a mime.

  4. When the spirit was alive he must be a clown and might be dissatisfied with that

  5. Because clowns are freakin' scary! And maybe the dude died while in clown costume...hence the clown ghost.

  6. Ok now that just freaks me out! Clowns scare the mess out of me and then its a ghost? Ok what it brings to mind is that creepy Gasey (serial killer) dude? What a freak! Good question though now I wanna see that show.
    I just love a good scare...

  7. I once had a party for my son when he was about 2 and I dressed as a clown...

    I think i did some of those kids damage cause my clown face was a bit scary looking (like the move "the crow") thats how my eyes and lips looked,

    and some of the kids nearly cried till i started juggling and stuff...

  8. Saw that episode too. Supposedly that was the boy's fear, he was scared of clowns. (can't say I blame him, it looked like the one from Stephen King's IT) The father from the first family that moved out said the "entity" played upon the family's fears. His was he couldn't reach his kids when they needed him (when the kids were locked in the room) and the sister's was something about closets.

    Not one of the best episodes but still interesting...

  9. well,maybe the clown was murdered or something and he haunted that house to scare people off or he hung around the house because he couldn't leave til his job was done and maybe he was a clown ghost becuae he was probably buried in his clown outfit...

  10. I watch that show too and Grumpy Bear is right, they said that the ghost would do what they feared the most. For that one kid, he was afraid of clowns and so the ghost would appear to him as a clown.