Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Q&A: Wanna learn a new game for parties?

Question by Baloneyus_Monk: Wanna learn a new game for parties?
I learned a hilarious game recently called Questions. You and an opponent stand facing one another. You ask him a Q. He may NOT ANSWER!! He must ask you a Q! The questions don't have to even make sense! But ask stuff to try to catch them off guard so they will answer or crack up laughing.

You win the round when your opponent either answers or cracks up for 10 seconds.

Then the winner takes on the next opponent.

Sounds odd in text, but some of the questions you'll use to throw each other off will be hilarious!

#1 "Do you find me attractive?"
#2 "Where did you buy that awful dress?"
#1 "Can I have your phone number?"
#2 "Hey, who cut your HAIR??"
#1 "Were you attacked by Chupacabra?"
#2 "What time is it?"
#1 "Hey, what are you doing later?"
#2 "Are you gaining weight?"
#1 "Do you think I should?"

Make up your own -- give it a try, it's so fun!!!

Add your own answer in the comments!

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