Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q&A: What is behind the "UFO" phenomenon and what are "the aliens"?

Question by Eden Astarte: What is behind the "UFO" phenomenon and what are "the aliens"?
I personally think they are "extra-dimensional beings"; that is beings composed of energy or spirit. A couple months ago I saw a blue streak fly very, very quickly in the sky over my house - much faster than any plane, making no noise and at a fairly low altitude - it was heading west, I live on the East coast of the USA.
By the way, what I saw was no meteor. I have seen meteors before. It was very bright neon blue, low in the sky, 2000-5000 feet up and travelled in a perfectly straight horizontal line. It also was not thin in diameter like a meteor but appear to be about a cm from my perspective sight.

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  1. unidentified flying object,lack of identifiaction is part of it's properties,
    anything you're trying to attach to this phenomenon whether it is through creating ideology or denial based on scientific reasoning is nothing but your minds prejuduce.the case is open and may mean anything known or unknown to humankind so let's leave our judgemental thinking aside because we truly know nothing about it.instead take a look at the sky and try to spot it beacuse once seen it leaves you with unbelievable and profound concern of what reality might be.peace