Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Supernatural: Boy Blue Ghost

A true story about a supernatural experience by a real person, as told by the person. The names in all stories told are always changed. In this episode, a person has an experience in an old victorian home with a print of a painting by Thomas Gainsbourgh titled Blue Boy. It is possible he had an experience with what is called a residual haunting? Residual Hauntings are a therory that objects record events of individuals lives similar to that of a DVD recording. It can be any kind of object. A chair , a wall,, a ring ect. It may be just the image of the person or persons, or an ocurrence in that person's life. What trigers the recording to play is, as unkown, as is the possibility of the therory itself. Remember nae54
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is the original Ninja Cats, featured on Residual Hauntings. The song is Kung Fu Fighting by Crazy Frog To get the scoop on the paranormal ninja and the elusive ninja cats visit and tune in every Wednesday and Sunday at 9:00 MST. Thanks!

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