Friday, November 11, 2011

Alexandra Holzer: "Ghost Ship Sails Through Night And Day"

In honor of Veterans Day: Warships come across our deep and vast oceans with untimely and often times horrible situations resulting in violent deaths. The Pirates of The Caribbean film series take this to a whole new level as we get decrepit, decaying Pirate-Zombie like characters, Pirate Ghosts, Pirate Places where the ships disappear and reappear in new lands and beach fronts like the veil we have in life between our world... and theirs. If death is like Johnny Depps crew and ship than welcome me matey aboard arr!

There's rumor of an ancient story of the privateer Dash, which was lost in a gale in 1815 off the coast of Maine. Since her disappearance, she has been sighted multiple times -- plain as day with her name visible on the hull. A 17-crew fishing vessel reported seeing her and the most recent sighting was during World War II. Ships doesn't care whether it's day time or nighttime as she sails freely in life and in death with all those aboard who are still part of her.

There are more famous ghostly ship and sea stories like The USS Hornet, and in Long Beach, California "The Queen Mary" in which my father (Hans Holzer) investigated long before investigators of today. He said that there were "psychic imprints from the past," which were not personalities but had unfinished business on their 'minds.'  Two cases of authentic ghosts have never been laid to rest. In 1966, a young crewman named, John Pedder, was accidentally crushed to death in doorway #13 during a routine water tight door drill. His ghost has frequently been observed and described in great detail by security guards and visitors. 

The sightings of the late Mr. Pedder are consistent with one another; appearances are usually preceded by a loud sound, described by one night watchman as "metal rolling quickly toward me."  Another ghost appears in blue-grey overalls in Shaft Alley, the hallway leading to the propeller shafts of the great ship. He has been sighted many times; always in overalls and sporting a long black beard. The swimming pool has also been the subject of mysterious accounts where many believe it is the ship's most haunted area. The sound of swimmers playing and splashing around has been heard on many occasions when the pool was empty. Sometimes wet footprints appear on the deck, where no-one has walked. 

The most interesting phenomenon is in this area, however, is in the dressing "boxes" adjacent to the pool. One dressing room has been identified as a portal for psychic phenomena. Today many Field Investigators for the Paranormal reared many disembodied voices in the pool, one of a little girl reminding us how precious life is. This Veterans Day please take a moment in silence, take a breath in and be thankful for them and your given freedoms.

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