Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool U.f.o. images

Check out these u.f.o. images:


Image by misspixels
Iphone photo | U.F.O Airport | | ©

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Image by Noel A. Tanner
Trying to generate ideas for the MCAD school wide project called "U.F.O." it's really open ended, and other than moving away from making a U.F.O. we can do pretty much whatever we want. I work best by just working and seeing what sticks so this is part of my thought process so far. Taking everyday objects abstracting them so they become the unidentified object.


Image by Pierre Marcel
One of my first paintings. A commission by a very nice someone asking me to paint an U F O that she has seen and described me at length. I came up with that personal interpretation (peaches) and my client was ravished ... (sort to speak...)
Private Collection, Arizona.
Voir mes peintures bleues :

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