Saturday, November 12, 2011

Help "nadi astrology" gone to one and scared!?

Question by Riya: Help "nadi astrology" gone to one and scared!?
hi,friends.Recently i met a nadi astrologer after thinking about pros/cons.Basically my close relatives went there and 80-95% future predictions were true in there case.I am facing lot of mental trauma and problems right now.My purpose of going there was just to get a guideline of what probably my future would be so that i am prepared for anything bad that comes my way.Because currently everything going on is not so +ve.
I did not give them clues to guess my details etc.Thing is their predection is worst and i am scared to death.I am loosing hopes in all ways.
So i request those reading this question to answer it if they even been to a " nadi jyotish" that their prediction about FUTURE not past..are correct?In percentages or can share their Positive /negative experience.It will help me a lot.Are these predictions correct????(to what extent)I am scared and regret going there instead of getting a direction to go in which way i am confused and

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