Saturday, November 12, 2011

Q&A: Seeing things that aren't there?

Question by Louise: Seeing things that aren't there?
My best friend has been acting weird and i'm the only one that noticed. She's been asking weird questions like "Has anyone ever died here?", " Did anyone see that?" etc.
I asked her about it and she told me she was seeing people/things. She said they were just standing there staring. I'm creeped out because i know she's not lying.

It all started about 2 weeks ago.The first time, me and our group of friends were sitting on a picnic table near the fenced forest area, and I saw her looking at a spot, she told me she had seen someone.

The second time was when we were at our grade trip, we were in our cabins at night and she was staring out the window. She started asking questions like " What would you guys do if you died here? Would you haunt this place?" or "Do any of you think anyone's died here?", everyone laughed it off, thinking she was just being paranoid because it was dark. I got scared and couldn't sleep.

The third time she was staring at the fenced forest area, and when I checked to see what she was looking at, she dragged me away saying i shouldn't go too close. She said she had a bad vibe, but she didn't tell me she saw anything.

And the last time was today, we were walking home from school,we were walking at our shortcut where everyone else goes, when I decided to explore and go to this small pond near, she stood there watching me, she told me to come back, sounding panicked. I kept asking her why and she told me she saw a thing, not a person, near me and freaked. She also kept asking if anyone else can smell "a weird ash smell". I didn't, but today I smelled something burning mixed with a really bad smell, and after I got a headache, and i'm not sure what it was.

My friend thinks she's going crazy and i am really scared. Is she going crazy? Is she really seeing ghosts? I'm sure she's not goin crazy and much rather believe the latter one. I need some sort of explanation? I'm not sure what I'm doing by asking on yahoo, but i am really frightened.

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