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Secret war involving "U.F.O"s ?

Question by : Secret war involving "U.F.O"s ?
On google earth i found something interesting, in a place that is.....interesting !!!.....OO..... , copy and paste the coordinates below into google earth and zoom closer to the ground , you`ll see it in the water, the squiggly light thingy, looks like something was docking or leaving when the image was took, all of the boats in and around the area are clearly visible and are not squiggly, so what is it ? and before you finnish battling your mentality on this one......look at the surrounding area...........does the place look "busy" ?? so........what are the containers and stuff ??? is this some kind of "under water" base ??

37°50`48.18"N140°57`17.47"E --- yes SIR !! ( SIR -ETTE :/ ) its in the one and only -> fukushima ! ..OO..

Could this be the reason someone (take a big guess who) bombed the nuclear plant ??

watch this vid ........ focus on the tower in the left, and you will see an object drop in the centre of the screen before the "explosion"...................then google " Rods from God" <- they don't even need explosives, the fall from the atmosphere makes the impact unbearable. hover over 9 seconds and keep clicking when it plays to about 11 seconds so it don't see a big rocket or anything like that but you can clearly see something drop -->

A bit info on rods from god too , since i`m so kind :) ->

B.T.W the sun is fake, bluebeam has been in operation for a couple of years now..........what the fcuk has happened to us ?? we`ve really lost the plot now...........if you thought our history was ******* up, you dont want to see our future

I didnt say they are, and you obviously dont know about the governments of the world. I`m not paranoid, just looking for answers, i suggest you pay close attention to the fukushima video i have provided a link to........theres a war being fought for control, we the people are not allowed to know about the tech , or the goals, because we are not superior like the idiots who rule the world believe they are. And earthquake lights arent what we all saw in hong kong my dear, earthquake lights are a small rainbow like glow in the sky, not a big bright light close to the surface. look into it.
Shawn Robin

U.F.O`s aren't operated by little green men, the governments build them, project blue beam is cloaking the sun, and haarp is used to create earthquakes -- japan was threatened with an earthquake machine years ago-- and if you dont know what nwo is i suggest you take a crash course in it because it`ll be breathing down your neck very soon- the oslo bombing was a false flag - look at the armed men protecting the people, imagine that allover europe, armed forces occupying the streets, complete weather control - come on for fcuk sake, its not conspiracy theory rubbish anymore, its right infront of you -> hidden in plain sight- fema camps, mass grave sites, underwater body bags, chemtrails the list goes on and on, but your all far too busy sucking eachother off, playing xbox, and stuffing your face with contaminated prepacked food that you believe were all idiots-because your told to- they peddle fact as fiction and keep you under control.

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