Saturday, December 3, 2011

White noise for paranormal phenomenon?

Question by Tom S: White noise for paranormal phenomenon?
White noise is audio energy of equal intensity at all frequencies. This is the noise that you hear on a blank TV station or FM radio station. Apparently if you record many hours of white noise onto a cassette tape and then listen to it, then you might hear human voices trying to contact you. Approximately 10% of the time the voices are either angry or are warning you.

Some people claim that this "Electronic voice phenomenon" is of a paranormal origin or voices of the deceased. Others believe that it's just random noise that happens to assemble itself into something that sounds like a voice (much like a monkey typing randomly on a keyboard - words or sentences will be formed if you wait long enough). Others believe that it's just a human characteristic to find familiar patterns amongst random stimuli.

This experiment is simple to do. Has anyone ever tried this?

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