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Destruction Of The Global Food Crisis Of Civilization?

Destruction Of The Global Food Crisis Of Civilization?

Foreseen the sudden change of things, is one of the things people are the hardest to do. Typically, we will extrapolate past trends in order to predict the future. Many times, this approach can work, but sometimes this approach obviously does not work, such as the current economic crisis is completely beyond our expectations.

"Civilization itself might collapse," the idea, most people seem very absurd. For such a complete departure from what is expected of our daily lives, who feel that serious consideration will be up an easy thing? What kind of evidence to make us aware that such a terrible warning? How should we respond to this warning? Highly unlikely on a long list of disasters, we are too disapproval of the. For them, we really just waved his hand, did not seriously children: Yes, our civilization could fall into chaos?? Even the Earth is possible because an asteroid hit and destroyed it!

I spent a few years to study the global agriculture, population, environment, economic trends and the interaction between them.

The combined effect of these trends and the resulting political tensions show that the government collapse and social breakdown is likely to happen. However, "food shortages not only result in the fall of a single government, but also destroy the global civilization" point of view, I have also strongly opposed.

But I can no longer ignore the danger. No long be able to solve problems of environmental degradation, are shaking The world's food economy?? Most importantly, the water table to fall, the soil was lost, temperatures are rising?? This forced me to conclude that: a global crash is possible.

Problem of failed states Even cursory look at the real world order, "Vital Signs", will find evidence to support my conclusion, although this is that people do not want to see. 30 years Environmental protection Those records to the trends of environmental degradation, did not even see a trend to reverse over the world to pay any significant effort.

The past 9 years, 6 years lower than the consumption of world food production, food reserves are declining. Grain harvest began in 2008 when world food stocks sufficient only to maintain 62 days, nearly close to historically low inventory records. Therefore, the spring and summer last year Food prices Set the highest record price.

Grain demand growing faster than food supply has become increasingly serious, arising from soaring food prices is a serious threat in the chaotic edge of governments. Hungry people can not buy food or kind of not necessary, it began to take to the streets. In fact, in 2008 before soaring food prices, failed states (failingstate) in increasing the number of (see the left supplementary material). These countries have many of the problems arise from failure to control population growth. If the food situation continues to deteriorate, these countries will accelerate the collapse. Geopolitical (geopolitics) has entered a new era. The 20th century, the main threat to international security is the superpower conflict; now the main threat to international security is the failed state. So that we are not at risk of concentration of power, but the absence of power.

When a country's government can not protect the personal safety and food security, can not provide Education And health care and other basic social services, the country has failed. Failed states often lose some or all of the control of the territory. When the government lost power monopoly, the law and order began to disintegrate. More than a certain critical point, the country would become very dangerous, and even the personal safety of food aid can not guarantee the rescue will be forced to stop. For example, in Somalia and Afghanistan, the deteriorating situation has to be at risk of food relief.

Failed state of international concern, the main reason is that these countries may be terrorists, drugs, weapons and a breeding ground for the refugees, threatening political stability around the world.

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