Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you believe in all these stories that circulate about "alien abduction"?

by bark

Question by fg: Do you believe in all these stories that circulate about "alien abduction"?
There are so many people throughout the world who claim to have been "abducted" and returned by aliens, could there be any truth to any of it. Of course some of them may be "out of it", but is it possible that thousands of individuals could be making up these stories? On the other hand, why is there never any physical evidence of these encounters?

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  1. They're not necessarily making it up, they may really believe it happened. The most likely explanation for this is something called "sleep paralysis". It has bizarre symptoms which closely resemble the accounts given by people who claim to have been abducted.

  2. These claims could range from being a psychological problem to a claim for attention. It is highly unlikely, combined with the fact that there has never even been a sighting of an extra-terrestrial life form, or anything involving one. It's blatantly obvious that these are ridiculous claims. Some people believe this stuff, some people hallucinate. Some people have dreams in which they later on perceive as reality.

    It's all ridiculous, but I guess anything is possible if you let your mind wander far enough.

  3. hmmm,alcohol and dreams are very confusing.

  4. When a fisherman catches a bass, his "friends" think he has vanished without a trace. If the fisherman releases the bass, the fish returns to his buddies and tells a crazy story.

    * Yanked by an invisible force from my home.
    * Transported to an alien vehicle
    * Outer space environment--I couldn't use my gills to breathe
    * Weird measuring and other "medical" exams
    * Returned to my home with "missing time"
    * Carrying a mysterious scar (from the fish hook) that I can't explain

    Maybe we hummans are being "caught-and-released" by hunters or fishermen we cannot possibly understand...

  5. I don't believe in it.

  6. yh i am sooo not sure