Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghost of Micheal Jackson

Ghost of Micheal Jackson

Barack Obama told CBS, "There are certain people in our popular culture that just capture people's imaginations. And in death, they become even larger,"

There is a new spirit in the form of a ghost among us, and not just any spirit it's the ghost of Michael Jackson. Hundreds of millions of fans prepares and bid emotional farewell to the "King of Pop". In Los Angeles fans lined up in droves to be a part of a "star-studded" memorial of his tragic death. Michale Jackson still may have something else in mind before he finally leaves us.

Extraordinary people seem to always have a way of communicating with us.

Even before the memorial was over the spirit of Michale Jackson popped up in the national scene for everyone to view and although we all have inquiring minds it's unbelievable, still the unadulterated truth remains. The ghost was caught on tape from one of the largest networks in the world but one sighting was noticed by a small yet renowned, local award winning production company "Copperpoint Comm.(CC)".

One sighting was shown during a Larry King interview and another, July 3rd while watching an NBC-Dateline broadcast "Remember the Time", CC caught a picture and took a video of the ghost of Michel Jackson, they were astounded and sent them around. "I didn't see it at first," said owner K. Ohara "My editor did. Once she showed me it was clear". Being an editor it was natural she would be the first to see it, editors have a keen eye for this these type of filming phenomenons.

Ghost and spirits are not easy to capture on tape and it's more likely to be a timing issue, snap that shot one second too early and the ghost of Michale Jackson isn't there one second to late it's gone. This was not your normal ghost, it appeared long enough to be caught on video, imagine that Now some of us firmly believe in ghosts while some of us need more proof and there's those who cast doubt in the face of evidence and science, but we still all share a common knowledge of spirits that return or never leave us, that is they usually are here due to untidy affairs. The ghost of Michael Jackson may be no different than any other ghosts but it's likely that just like the superstar the ghost of Michael Jackson may also have super qualities and a message. Is Michael Jackson attempting to show us something through his spirit. Like they said at his funeral he'll live forever and ever and ever and ever....It was said at his memorial "he'll live forever and ever and ever and ever".... he probably will. This was a sad day for all.

"To be uplifted and by such a great soul I believe in my heart he will live forever".LP

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