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Hot PS3 Games: Sid Meier Civilization Revolution

Hot PS3 Games: Sid Meier Civilization Revolution

One in the series of award winning strategy games, this thrilling game allows you to build the world as you dream of building it. With amazing graphics and exciting features, this game allows you to really shape the world in a new and thrilling way, thereby taking the world you know and remaking it in a sensational fashion. First, you get to choose from sixteen different Civilizations, all based on real ones, from Africa to America, or China to Germany, and your goal is to lead that world to victory.

Once you choose your own civilization, the others become rivals, and once you defeat a rival, you will get to add it to your Hall of Achievements that will document all of your triumphs. Since there are so many choices, each game can be a totally new adventure as you will get to recreate new lands, fight new rivals, and basically enjoy sixteen different games within the one.

When you choose the world you want to recreate, you get to be the historical leaders of that day, as well.

For instance you can be Abraham Lincoln, Mao Tse Dong in China, or Otto von Bismarck in Germany, so if you have a great love of history, this game will be like meeting and being the characters you revere or loathe in reality. You will get your own special abilities that will help your rise to power and help you conquer other nearby lands.

Also, you will get to compete against other famous leaders and even change the course of history in your own game by making new decisions or strange moves that never really happened. Plus, with the real time interaction, the leaders and advisors will get to talk to you, and it will have the feel of being real, since they will turn to you, point to things, and make it seem as though you are really communicating with them.

If you really do love history, there really is no finer game than this one as you will be able to go on quests that help you discover and see the world. You will get to discover long lost relics, ancient symbols of the past, experience old and new technologies, and encounter merciless barbarians and natives too on your travels. You will get to see breathtaking lands and seas and mountains as you travel the world and you will have all this on maps and a time scale so you will know exactly where to go and how to get there.

Also, you can get your units together and create an army that will help you intensely combat your rivals, and when your units manage to win battles they will be exalted in rank to veterans and then elites. You can then use these elites in later battles to have even more aggressive onslaught of battle against those you come up against. And as they will all be dressed in the garb to represent your nation, you will easily be able to identify them as you charge them forth into battle.

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