Sunday, January 15, 2012

i always have dreams of this place, until i saw the picture i had never seen i before.?

Question by be nice, i like to report people: i always have dreams of this place, until i saw the picture i had never seen i before.?
i had 4+ dreams of this place: without ever seeing it until i found this pic after the dreams. 1 was that i had a sort of mission and got there by flying......on a potter-type after that was a field trip from school where we learned that some parts of the castle were haunted and we heard "demonic" voices & i said "i remember this place!" later 1 was that i couldn't fly but other people could, and they made fun of me. then some white birds(possibly doves) took me and flew me there, and i was being watched by some scary person on the ground in front of the castle...the most resent was that there were trees attacking my summer camp. the ghosts were mad at us and told trees to throw fire at us. while we were putting out the fire on the road (by throwing sticks/twigs/branches at it) a bunch of people ran up to a field in front of a building where outside everyone (mostly adults) were talking about what to do, then someone shouted something lie "hurry, the doors are opening" and the wall started to slide open. someone was holding my hand and said to someone else we should go where the trees cant see us (she looked/talked like aunt jackie from Roseanne lol) she ran to the "IN" (it looked like this ) and she was so fast that i was waving in the air behind her (LOL) then when we got there i saw the sign that said "IN" & freaked out like, "no, no, no, not here, i just had a flash back" (took a while to get the word, flash back) then we were inside and went up to a balcony where a guy that looked like a pope holding a golden Cross with 2 (fake) birds attached to it (also gold) came over and said something like "i heard what she said about flashbacks" and he talked about how i was probably kidnapped by "the birds" and brought there. unfortunately i woke up and wasn't able to finish this awesome/scary dream. (What do you people think of it!?)
the cross kind of looked like this: but only had the 2 birds at the top and they were attatched with a curved bar.
(Im a Christian, and its a Christian camp)

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. I'm not sure how much of this I actually believe, but some people say that in dreams where we fly we are doing "astral travel." Google it. It basically means that your spirit is travelling while you sleep. If you believe you have a soul, then why not believe it can leave your body when it wants?

    Still consider the possiblility that you actually did see a picture or hear a description of this place before, but when you weren't really paying attention or doing something else. You brain stored it in your subconscious and the memory was the setting of your dream. That is very simple and makes so much sense, yet people would rather believe in some more complicated far-fetched idea that they swear up and down that they have never seen _blank_.

    Think what you want, but if you take the more simple logical scenario, then the other aspects of your dream will also have their own meanings to be interpreted.