Monday, January 9, 2012

why are EVPs not considered as any kind of proof to the skeptics?

Question by : why are EVPs not considered as any kind of proof to the skeptics?
"electronic voice phenomenon" that ghost hunters claim to get that are spirit voices. they also claim that it is proof bc even if was picking up on random frequencies, the answers are too on to be just coincidence. i'm just curious what the flaw is in it. is it not considered testable because it is too random? or is it something else. thanks

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  1. The first thing skeptics say when they hear EVPs is "It's faked. Somebody recorded it with their voice and used a soundtrack program to morph it."

    It doesn't matter if it's faked or real skeptics are skeptics and they'll cry "FAKE" every time until it personally happens to them.

  2. Because the vast vast vast majority of EVPs are really just random noise or some other non-voice incident and "ghost hunters" interpret them to be something they arent. Just like how people see the image of Jesus in their pancakes.

  3. Charles Darwin, A Scientific ManJanuary 9, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    EVP's are not proof.

    Why? Because if the dead did want to communicate then i'm sure there would be more compelling and clear voices instead of meaningless and insignificant little sounds that sound like a word or sentence.

    Remember EVP's can pick up radios and other transmitters.

  4. Well, try this. Get an old record turntable, and an old LP record. Spin the thing backwards and see what kind of odd sounds you hear. All you are hearing is the sounds of the music and vocals coming out backwards and probably at the wrong speed.

    Most people who do this hear odd things that can be interpreted as words, some people think they hear satanic messages. But all it really is is our minds' attempt to make order out of nonsense.

    The same thing happens when you crank the gains up on a microphone and record the random sighs and creaks of an old building. Your mind will eventually find something it can interpret to be something meaningful, even though there is no meaning to be had.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket.

  5. The real question is how easy is it to fake it? Anyone now with a digital camera and Photoshop can make realistic pictures that are not real. Apply Occam's razor. When there is two equal possibilities, go with the simplest and most likely one.

  6. What is proof? Well, to the people who actually record a voice, know that either no one else was in there, or no one had said anything at that time, etc.....same thing with pictures, The ones who took the pictures were actually there and know who was in the room and what location......they seen, and heard the proof for themselves.........but only to themselves......because..skeptics however, has not experienced anything as such, therefore it is easy for them to say someone had altered an evp or picture and will continue this behavior until one day they wake up and start screaming because it finally happened to them............Think bout this, if more then one person is in the room and all experienced the same thing at the same time, skeptics will still come up with saying EVERYONE is lying....everyone is wrong but themselves, the skeptics........A person doesn't have to believe, that is their choice, but an open mind is hoped for......

  7. I find the whole EVP thing quite ludicrous to be frank with you. Like a lot of these ghost hunting techniques, they're very good at convincing people who want to believe there is something out there yet at the same time, they don't really prove a great deal overall.

    Looking at it from a purely scientific point of view, I find it impossible to believe that ghosts would be able to communicate in such a fashion. To speak, humans require a diverse set of organs. Yet all of a sudden, disembodied ghosts can suddenly speak into electronic recording devices with no lungs, no trachea, no windpipe, no tongue, no mouth. I don't think so. It just seems like too much of a coincidence with more logical, real world explanations behind it.

    And when EVPs do crop up, they're usually little more than a single, muffled syllable that in all reality could be absolutely anything at all. Not to mention that believers in the paranormal often claim that skeptics don't experience ghosts because we aren't 'sensitive' enough, as if they have some kind of special gift. If that was the case then we shouldn't be hearing anything at all rather than faint groans and squeaks that could just as easily be someone walking on a floorboard.

    It just doesn't add up for me. Too much pseudoscience, too many inconsistencies, too much room for error.

  8. It isn't repeatable. It is one data point under certain conditions. If you can't get the same results everytime under the same conditions, then it isn't science. If you could consistently get the same EVP over and over then that would be pretty good proof. But if you get an EVP and I use the same machine and do everything the same and get no results there isn't really any proof.