Monday, February 20, 2012

Cool Unexplained Phenomena images

Check out these unexplained phenomena images:


Image by visiophone
Interzone is an audiovisual reactive installation, made for transition public places ( such as tunnels, hallways, stairs, …).

It represents a post-apocalyptic place that does not obey
to the laws of physics as we know, a place where occur space-time abnormalities, unexplained phenomena.

"I do not know that happens here when there is no human being.Places that were safe are now impassable "

6 infrared sensors connected to an arduino detects the user presence, and send his position to processing. With this input information processing triggers functions that will determine the projections and sounds.

sound loops by from : alva noto /ryoji ikeda
ambient sound by Miguel Neto

barcelona, december 2009.
rodrigo carvalho, dafne polyzos


more info@ the projectWebPage ::


USACE dewaters fishways for maintenance and repairs

Image by USACEpublicaffairs
Bonneville Dam dewaters some of its fishways each winter for maintenance and repairs. The level to which the fishway is dewatered depends on the work to be done; if equipment below the tailwater level needs repair, the ladders are completely drained and we sometimes encounter sturgeon sheltering in the lower areas. These large numbers, however, are a recent and as yet unexplained phenomenon.
This January it required 15-20 biologists, crane operators and riggers almost four days to safely return about 1,700 sturgeon sheltering in the Washington Shore fish ladder entrance to the river. The sturgeon were loaded into a large water tank, hoisted by a crane over the tailrace, and dropped into the water. The tank could not be lowered all the way into the water due to the turbulent discharge from the dam that might have dragged the tank and crane. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the team, there was no mortality among the stranded fish. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)

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