Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you believe in "chemtrails"?

Question by justanotherfool: Do you believe in "chemtrails"?
Research "chemtrails" give me you opinion.

What do you think? Answer below!


  1. They're called condensation trails, or contrails. One of the products of combustion in an aircraft engine is water, which is released into the cold upper atmosphere as vapor. If the humidity is high enough, the water vapor condenses to form a trail of ice crystals behind the aircraft. This trail can then be spread by the wind to form a high, thin cloud.

    Despite the alarmist publicity from believers in "chemtrails" and government conspiracies, there is no evidence that long-lasting contrails are any different from short ones. Nor are they a recent phenomenon associated with some secret technology. Contrails have been seen since World War I, when aircraft first flew high enough to produce them.

    See links for scientifically accurate information on condensation trails. Fourth link includes image showing World War II bombers producing contrails decades before the conspiracy theorists say spraying began).

    If, by some chance, the government really *is* conducting some sort of large-scale environmental experiment (and they've done it before--see fifth link), then the chemtrail believers are doing the government a huge favor. By claiming that natural phenomena are "proof" of a government conspiracy (a condensation trail is the natural result of injecting large amounts of water vapor into cold air, and many chemtrail believers also think that solar halos and similar optical phenomena are signs of atmospheric modification), they automatically discredit themselves in the eyes of any competent scientist, or anyone with a basic understanding of clouds.

  2. Just for all those who say "Chemtrails are not real" or "A Government simply would not do that to its own people without their knowlege", may I remind you that the British government has freely admitted to doing so, some time ago.

    See for yourselves.

    I particularly like the last line of this interview

    "It is not our policy to comment on ongoing research"

    Gotta love em huh!

    Also, here is a link to a video, outlining the governments D.I.C.E trials,out of Porton down.

    This video also outlines several instances where the USA did exactly the same things, verifiable up to 2001, so far.

    If they did it once...twice...a hundred times, what makes you naiive enough to imagine....They are not doing it now?

    And YES, I see Chemtrails all over the UK And midwestern USA, saw some in nevada last year too, a lot of em!. Easily distinguishable from Contrails.