Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nice Unexplained Phenomena photos

Some cool unexplained phenomena images:

the enigma force

Image by lamont_cranston
After the dissolution of MI-13, Professor Nathaniel Dee took control of "Group E" of the unofficial replacement for the supernatural arm of the Directorate. He considered "Group E" to be too prosaic a name for such an important undertaking and renamed it to his liking.

The Professor assembled a transatlantic team for his group ...

Professor Nathaniel Dee - Magician, Mentalist, Occultist
Doctor Dexter Seward - Psychic, Doctor, Forensic Scientist, Parapsychologist
Joe Fort - Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, Adventurer
Sam Yeung - Cat burglar, Linguist, Ne'er-do-well
Eden St. James - Commando, Saboteur, Spy
C.A.N.E. - Computational Powerhouse

Together they form the Enigma Force!

Lost civilisations, extraterrestrials, myths and monsters, missing persons, magic and witchcraft, unexplained phenomenon.

The Enigma Force travels the world seeking out these great mysteries.

Humanity's last, best protection.

Ghost girl captured in photo of a band sound checking!

Image by fisharepeopletoo
This is a photo of a band sound checking before a gig. The girl in white on the right hand corner of the image was NOT in the room. Only the band were present while they did a sound check. The image of the girl did not appear until we looked back at the images afterwards. I am sure there is a scientific explanation for this.

A small creature of light?

Image by Roberta Maria
I fixed the photo just a bit, only to adjust exposure, contrast, etc., to make the shape stand out, but I didn't manipulate anything else in any way.

You decide.

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