Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q&A: what do u think of that "chupacabra" they found in Texas???

Question by Mango Music: what do u think of that "chupacabra" they found in Texas???
above is the link for it. i don't think its real, it looks a lot like a mexican hairless dog. tell me ur take on the whole "chupacabra" thing that happened in texas...

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  1. its cute.
    but i dont think its a chupacabra

  2. I think it´s a dog. It looks like a dog, so until they say something about its DNA or something I won´t believe it.

  3. I'm not really impressed with the appearance or the fact that it doesn't have any hair. The alleged fact that they claim it is a bluish gray color has my attention though. Until they do any genetic testing on it and come up with some more proof, it just looks like a dead wild mongrel dog. Some chickens in Asia are a dark blue or black color as well.

  4. Well it's odd they say this head belongs to a chupacabra, and the rest of the body is conveniently "missing."

  5. It's a dog... Just because it looks strange and unknown doesn't mean it's some mythical, super-secret creature! People use your brains... It's a damn dog. Possibly a mix breed of several different dogs and maybe even coyote. I know if dogs get a type of mange they lose nearly all their fur, which could be the case in this.

    I've seen plenty of dogs with skin conditions without fur, and with teeth that stuck out from their lips due to a messed up bite. The stupidity and the gullibility of the human species is constantly making my palm connect with my face.

  6. Read it on Yahoo. What I think? DNA testing will tell the world what she really found. Don't know what the mexican hairless dog looks like, but I do think it looks dog like.
    From the shows about it, what she found and what eye witness saw and decribed in mexico and other latin american countries don't match up. But if DNA says it a new creature or a mix of dogs or dog like creature then thats what it is.
    IF this is a new creature its a exciting find for scientist, then they can do what ever they do test ect. And that lady will be famous for finding the body for proof. For all the scientist who put there reputations on the line for studing crypto animals this is what they are waiting for, it makes what they do more real the to the other scientist who only beleive something is real when they can test it and see it in its natural home.
    Sorry if it seemed like I was just going on, but you did ask for what we all think and well I told you.

  7. it looks alot like a dog, I doubt it's the mythical "Chupacabra".
    I find it amazing that anyone could think otherwise, and I can't wait to hear about the DNA results.