Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleep Paralysis "Alien-Abduction"!?

Question by : Sleep Paralysis "Alien-Abduction"!?
A lot of people around the world have experienced what's commonly referred to as Sleep Paralysis but also goes by other names, like "Old Hag Syndrome."

During one experience with this unreal experience, I felt as if I was being experimented on. Beside my bed, looking down at me, was a long-lanky shadowy figure. It was observing me. My body was paralyzed in such an awkward way that I couldn't roll over and get a good look at what it was doing. But I did notice a lot of hand movements on its part. I swear it felt like I was actually being experimented on much like an alien-abduction -- but relax critical thinkers, I'm not claiming I believe in extraterrestrials. I'm just saying it FELT like an alien-abduction occurrence. If you look up the word Sleep Paralysis, you will find out that many alien abduction experiences are related to the "Old Hag". Whatever it is, it's effing CREEPY!

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  1. I didn't want to take you or your question seriously; seemed like all mumbo-jumbo stuff.
    But it appears your concern is a little more realistic. What I do suggest is that if this "uneasiness," continues, over a couple weeks you should see a doctor to avoid the risk that there maybe something more wrong.
    Ok; but this is what I'm getting to: I recently heard a radio talk show discussing sleep, and the expert on hand did say something about it being normal for the brain to shut down some motor response while in certain levels of dreaming (so people don't hurt themselves).

  2. sorry to tell you this man but that isn't an alien adduction. to me it sounds like a demon paralyzing you if it said something please pay attention to it. Commonly found on people leading up to great success (mostly celebrities get these). It was you who said don't mess with spirits when your the one getting haunted by a
    good luck....don't get off your road to success.

  3. Yes, it is believed by many who study the Alien abduction phenomenon that "Sleep Paralysis" is the explanation for many of these experiences. A good book that goes into detail about "Sleep Paralysis, Alien abduction and the Old Hag theory is "The Terror That Comes In The Night" by David J. Hufford. He explains in great detail the history of this common occurrence and how it has been a part of lore in Europe and the Northeastern U.S. I have had personal experience first hand with sleep Paralysis and I can tell you it is very frightening and I have even hallucinated someone trying to break in my back door. All while I was paralyzed.

  4. Have you ever seen a dog run in its sleep as if it were chasing a rabbit? I wish we could ask them about their dreams. Sleepwalking is generally unhealthy. Dreaming is healthy. In a healthy person, sleep paralysis prevents them from doing things in their sleep. Some people have rare, occasional or even continual failures of this safety "interlock" on the motor system. They sleepwalk. Sometimes Ambien or another brand of sleeping pill is involved.

    In other situations, the individual wakes up, at least partially, and the sleep paralysis does not release immediately. In such instances, the semi-dreaming makes up creative explainations for the paralysis, and incorporates those reasons into your dream. Thus you get a shadowy figure trying to smother you, or whatever else your brain invents.

    This happens to me quite frequently. I actually know that it's sleep paralysis, and am able to concentrate on moving some part of my body, usually an arm, so that I can move my covers, and in a few seconds, sit up. Doing this shortens that half-asleep time that sleep paralysis occurs.

    In other words, if you can wake up just enough to remember what sleep paralysis is, and move some part of your body, you can break the paralysis. Once you learn to do this, it becomes easier and easier, in general.

    However if you have a fever, have taken drugs (legal or illegal), or if there are other factors, it may DECREASE your ability to wake up enough to break the paralysis.

  5. I think this youtube video might be of interest to you. I do believe that alien abductions are real.