Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is the psychology behind " Alien Abductions " ?

Question by Richy Rich: What is the psychology behind " Alien Abductions " ?
Just wondering what the claims could be from another point of view. Most people that have the alien claims have also been raped or had trauma prior to the " Abductions " .

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  1. cry for attention

  2. this is kind of a confusing question. i think after the abduction they would be severely traumatized, so i'd say PTSD.

  3. Apparently these sort of people suffer from Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP) In which when they suffer a deep trauma (Such as Rape or Abuse) and they use their imaginations to take them out of actual reality. I have read somewhere that sometimes FPP can also manifest into seeing the actual thing or honestly believing that situation had really happened. There's a good article about FPP on NeuroLogica Blog that explains FPP very well.