Friday, March 16, 2012

Q&A: Where are the "oldest haunted places" in the world?

Question by : Where are the "oldest haunted places" in the world?

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  1. Christian in JesusMarch 16, 2012 at 4:53 AM

    The oldest haunted houses I have heard of are in Canada and North Eastern America.

    America boasts about its haunted places but Canada keeps it more of a secret. These ghost are sacred to the Canadian. It is a weird place to visit, like the "Shining".

  2. The Philadelphia Zoo, America's First Zoo, in Pennsylvania is haunted. There are four different buildings: the Solitude (William Penn's country home, built on property before zoo was built), the Pen Rose laboratory, the Treehouse, and the Shelly administration building.

    The Solitude has had reports of footsteps, apparitions in the tunnels, and locks opening which keys no longer exist for.

    The Penn Rose is the old lab and veterinary building where necropsies were done on the animals after they died (animal version of an autopsy). There has been reports of doors and footsteps, and lights going on and off. On one occasion A staff member wa walking toward the building at night and she looked up and saw a woman looking at her and just as they made eye contact the woman faded away.

    The Treehouse is the only original animal building. Formerly known as the antelope house is now a children's play area with the treehouse (of course) and large dinosaurs etc. There have been reports of apparitions, knocking, and a vague sense of unease and despair.

    Finally the Shelly administration building Is where most of the offices and classrooms are. The building is still used today. They have heard doors (big heavy metal doors) slam shut, and late at night while a woman was working at the main desk, she looked up and there was a face looking at her from the closet window and the curtains fell shut and she looked in the room, dead empty.

    I have heard that the Zoo is built on a Native American burial ground, however I am not sure of the truth of this.

    I do believe I have witnessed in the Treehouse, I would be running around playing all happy and all of a sudden I would feel sad and lost. (geez, scaring myself)

    Recently the zoo has had the TAPS group come out from the Sci Fy show Ghost Hunters. They picked up some convincing audio and footage.

    So anyway, I know this may not answer your question directly but I hope you found this interesting.

  3. I would lean more towards places in Asia and perhaps Europe if you are considering "Oldest haunted"places in the world. When I think of old haunts I tend to think of Castles in scotland and Ireland as they share an eclectic, tumultuous and rich history with many battles and deaths along the way.But the original history of ghosts reaches far out into the Middle East and Africa so if you want to find the "oldest" ghost stories and haunted places , this would be where I would start looking. Ghosts have been encountered throughout mankind's history and there are even drawings on the walls of some caves which appear to depict spirits or apparitions. My question would be , is this what they themselves encountered or was this something that they believed in or wanted to believe? No one can dispute that there are so many civilizations and cultures throughout the world that do share similar beliefs in spirits and ghosts. You kind of have to wonder if this is some sort of coincidence ? I think not. Take care.