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UFO's and Website Traffic - What Have They Got in Common?

UFO's and Website Traffic - What Have They Got in Common?

I think you know the answer already. It is nothing, except there is a better chance of being listed on the first page of a major search engine than there is of seeing a UFO. Now, I can't help you find a UFO, but I can help you get listed on the major search engine pages by generating loads of website traffic. This will be free traffic as well.

A famous professor once quoted ' why is it so?', it is so because all you need to do is to follow some easy steps. With very little effort you will be able to achieve the almost impossible chore of having your website in the top pages of the major search engines.

There are only too many offers out there from people who will promise this to you all the time, if the price is right. Some work and some don't. I have lost count of the amount of money I have spent trying to see which ones work. I took an idea from Churchill when he said 'Never, Never, Never,Give Up'.

You will be pleased to know that I did not give up.

Now I can tell you what I did to get great results. The LTD system, its a system that Learn-able, Teachable and Duplicatable. You can finally stop hitting your head on that brick wall as I was doing. Of course I still get the occasional headache,although the more traffic I get, the sooner the headaches subside,strange huh?

One of the first things in getting a high ranking is to do some simple keyword research. We need to look for the keyword phrases that are the most popular ones being done. We need to look for quality keywords instead of quantity of keywords.

To search for the latest keyword trends that people are using, we should consider using the 'insights' tool that one of the largest search engine companies has available. Just search for 'insights', you will see the link to the tool in the results. You are in for a great surprise.

After inputting your keyword you wish to research, you will be given a whole list of great keywords. One of my favourite areas is the 'rising searches' area, this will tell you the very latest hot keywords you could use. After choosing your keyword, next just do a normal search, using that keyword and see how many references you get back.

The next thing to do is to conduct a second search using your keyword with one slight difference. Insert your keyword inside some quotation marks. Now review your results. Instead of getting millions of results returned, you should only see a few thousand, if this is the case, then you have a good keyword with little competition.This is one you should definitely use in your site.

Once you have your high traffic-low competition keyword, we can start to utilise it. One thing to consider is to use the keyword as a part of a new domain name. Another thing you must do is to write a keyword rich article and put it on your website.

One of the secrets here is to use the keyword or words as part of the title of your new article. Now publish the article on your website. I prefer to use the wordpress blog system as it is easy to use. After you have done this, you need to distribute your article to as many article sites as you can.

This method will work very well for pretty much anything you want to promote. It is a fast way to get indexed and you will be amazed at the results. All you need to look at next is to check your website statistics and see how your website traffic is increasing.

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