Saturday, May 26, 2012

Use "chupacabra" in a sentence or paragraph or even a clause or phraselet.?

Question by Dashing Geek: Use "chupacabra" in a sentence or paragraph or even a clause or phraselet.?
Amuse me. Move me. Touch me. Wash my car. Paint my basement steps. Or at least lay your best chupacabra on me.
Ompelle, I think I love you. Actually, I am pretty sure.

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  1. The deadly chupacabra stealthily hunted his next meal.

  2. There has been a reported chupacabra sighting in the local park.

  3. I am a master chupacabra hunter.

  4. Spot sees the chupacabra.
    See Spot run.
    Run Spot, run.
    See the chupacabra run after Spot.
    Run faster Spot.
    Oh no, Spot. You are on a short leash.
    See Dick cover Jane's eyes.
    See Jane in therapy for 4 years.
    See Dick become an alcoholic.

  5. The Faux™ DingleBerryMay 26, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    I once saw an episode where "The Crocodile Hunter" was hunting know the snakes with the hoods that will kill you if they spit on you or some craziness??

    Well he was laying on his belly cooing the lil cabra like he useded to do "aaaaw aren't you a CUTE lil cabra??" then it suddenly struck him him in the forehead. Steve tried to tug the giant snake by the tail to dislodge it from his forehead...but after several tugs it wouldn not pop out of his face....

    So you know what he did? He grabbed a rock layin right there on the ground next to him...

    And after watching that episode I can say that I saw Steve Irwin CHUPACABRA cleeeeeean in half with a dull rock!!