Monday, May 28, 2012

would anyone really report a bigfoot sighting "just for fun"?

Question by : would anyone really report a bigfoot sighting "just for fun"?
there would have to be a good reason for someone to make a report. I cant see anyone doing it without incentive for them to get profit.
Doesnt that provide sort of evidence that sightings must be real?
or are all these people just compulsive liars for no reason?

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  1. The only way I would is if I had concrete proof, otherwise you would get ribbed to death by your friends.

  2. Sure they probably,would for the attention it draws.

  3. Yes. Yes they would.

    Some people love attention just as much as money. Look at balloon boy's dad.

  4. Yes, does the word "Hoax" ring a bell ?

  5. i think bigfoot is a great ape...

    having said that, alot of sightings and reports are hoaxed, people making fake footprints and wearing monkey costumes are common, they want their fifthteen minutes of fame

  6. Yes.. why is that a big surprise? They always bring that up on tv shows about bigfoot and ufos etc.. asking why would people make it up.. ummm for attention! you always hear how they are just a normal person.. yada yada.. nope.. they are lying. and making it up, because they like the attention. in 99%of the cases.