Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? If so, why?

Question by : Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? If so, why?
This is just out of curiostiy. :p Don't just put "yes" or "no," leave reasons why. By spirits, I mean any kind of spirit: angel, demon, "elementals," doppelgangers, poltergeists...anything that can classify as a "spirit," save the "human spirit."

As for myself, I don't personally believe in spirits or ghosts, but I'm not going to rule out their existence necessarily. I just don't really believe in them, but if there was concrete evidence, I might be more willing to believe in their existence.

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  1. iwould like to, cos it would explain the reason why something is staring at you or the feeling your being watched isn't your mind tricking you, the world would be more fun too :)

  2. Yes because i have been seeing them throughout my life, the first time i was about three. I think people who believe are more likely to see them. Of course there is no concrete evidence unless ynu have seen one and even then most people dont believe you anyway.

  3. AmberscorpiofireratJune 29, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    yes they do exist, i am 14 and i have had 1 experience that I am positive about telling which I know are true as the others you may have doubts on. when i was 2 i was running around the table giggling and talking and my mother asked me who i was talking to and what i was doing, and i told her i am playing with the old lady. any way the point is spirits are not things that you need to believe in to see, they come to you if they choose, even if you sense them, surly some people see them more than others.

  4. Must Know EverythingJune 29, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    No, I do not. In the forties and fifties the Russians conducted research into life after death. They would give 'coded messages' to people who were dying for whatever reason (old age, disease, injuries etc) and then ask those people to contact designated living folks (obviously the researchers) and give them answers to questions that only they would know. All attempts to contact the dead failed and it was officially declared that there was no evidence supporting life after death or that spirits and/or souls existed. However, having said that, it proves nothing because there may be a trillion dead people having a wild party but we cannot contact them or they us. It is better to believe whatever makes you feel happy. I reckon when you're dead you're mind cannot exist and because we cannot experience non-existance there is nothing to fear. We never experienced what it was like before we were born and the same applies after we are dead.


  6. goddessofthundarJune 29, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    Yes. The first time that i saw one i was 14. I woke up and looked at the foot of my bed and there was a very cute blonde guy standing at the foot of my bed. I thought that i was dreaming, and had heard other ghost stories before, so i closed my eyes and laid back down. sat up and looked again, but he was still there. I closed my eyes and rubbed them, he was still there. I shook my head with my eyes closed, rubbed my eyes again, and he was still there, that is when i freaked out and went screaming into my parents room. I slept on their floor, and in the morning when we all woke up i spoke with my mother and described the person i saw, it ended up being one of her cousins who committed suicide when he was 16 he was also a twin. But there have been many other experience's in the ghostly visitation department for me through out my life and a couple of them where demons and one evil spirit and other good ones. The E.S.P. began earlier in life than that. I really do not think that it matters if you believe in them or not, it's just a matter of them wanting you to know if they are around.

  7. The only way for you to gain concrete evidence is to experience it yourself; until then there is no way to prove it.

  8. Yes, there are ghosts and spirits. I've seen them since I was eight, and I'm as sane as they come. If the soul is immortal, and the body is not, it stands to reason the soul has to go somewhere and do something.