Monday, June 4, 2012

Have you ever seen a "U.F.O." ???

Question by It's Ms. Fusion if you're Nasty!: Have you ever seen a "U.F.O." ???
If so, please describe the event in detail!

Give your answer to this question below!


  1. Wow...No one huh?

  2. i saw it twice and very clear and i was not alone in 1982 and in 1998

  3. Passenger in the backseat of a car going south from Lake Placid in upstate New York. A blue light came up and started flying just to the right of our vehicle on the highway. i thought it was a reflection on the glass from a light source inside the car. It wasn't. I checked, and even swiped my hand over the image to see if I could stop or block it if it was. It remained there for about three to four minutes. All four of us in the car saw it. The really spooky thing was that when it left, it made a 90 degree turn and shot off and we all saw it slowly get smaller and smaller as it distanced itself from us. I believe!

  4. YESSSSSS!!!!actually i couldn't believe it myself when i first saw it!Mostly people say its a disc shape, but the one i saw doesn't look like it has shape at all!It was kind a hard to tell...well there's a lot of lights and different colors...white,, red etc.And I know its not aplane cause its very rare to see a plane in my location.Well,the ufo was not moving in the sky(3:30 a.m) then after about 10 sec. it just disappeared in a flash!I was shocked!!And till now i never saw a ufo again.....

  5. You have been misguided that UFO exist. It is the propoganda by some powerful countries.Behind this propoganda they experiment in the sky for thier new aircrafts etc. and you people believe that these are UFOs. No nobody has ever seen the UFO but the prototypes under developement.

  6. buschgardens2003June 4, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    I've seen one on television.