Monday, June 11, 2012

Q&A: question about supposed "house hauntings"?

Question by : question about supposed "house hauntings"?
There are SO many people who claim to experience these, with ranging "severity". So if we take the skeptic's route and state they are in fact not REALLY hauntings (not actually spirits, ghosts, demons, etc)- then what IS happening to these people?

what goes on in their brain to make them think these things happen? What are they ACTUALLY experiencing, then perceiving as a haunting?
To the second guy, I truly respect your perspective. I agree with you fully.

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  1. maybe it is real ghost,,, who knows

  2. The reality of it is that we cannot rule it out. Science, in all it's arrogance, cannot prove or disprove anything. How long has the debate about G-d being going on? Aliens? The Afterlife?

    It could be a mental disorder, a dream, visual disturbances, alcohol induced, drug induced, or a combination of other things.

    That is what people like me do. We sit down, read, and try to figure these things out as best we can, with the facts we have at hand. The only difference is that we try to respect both parties, living and dead, and not make fun or profit on the expense of either.

  3. ^^ scientific devices like EVP, spirit box, and thermal imaging camcorder have captured paranormal activities.