Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent (apparent) increase in UFO sightings ?

Question by : Recent (apparent) increase in UFO sightings ?
So lately YouTube has been FLOODED with UFO sightings from all over the world, a lot of them seem like theyre in the US tho.. A channel called "AnonymousFO" has been picking about 15 short clips (out of what they say are hundreds) and comprising them for "monthly UFO sightings" for whichever month..even satellites/telescopes in space caught some unusual activities which I still don't know if I believe or not since editing tools are so advanced nowadays but my questions are as follows: Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe these are alien crafts or new military crafts being tested out at night? ( if theyre top secret, night time would be best for testing bc if ppl were taping them and they look like UFOs then the govt wouldnt even have to explain themselves and it'd just be dismissed as nonsense/UFOs) Why the increase in sightings suddenly? If there are so many sightings taking place, why the hell aren't the whoever is operating these crafts making contact?..why would they just be flying so close that people could make out the crafts, but never stop? Please no 2012 conspiracy theories bc I won't even entertain picking you as best answer if you even mention it
Damn lol I got an answer straight from an alien, well that settles that..thanks Rin, and don't abduct me when you leave on the mother ship I'm good here

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  1. Faesson ...why do you even read about open minded things if you yourself are close minded? I myself have had encounters my hole life and there are for sure ppl of some kind that do not fit human description that vist or live here like the 2 men that would stand outside our windows in the am and i saw them and i know i not believe in life like us in this huge universe is very uneducated and silly. Think of the dinosaurs and things we know have lived you really think this is our planet? ???lol we are visters ourselves.