Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blocking Radio Signals: an experiment to use for future electronic voice phenomena research Be sure to visit my channel for more great videos, subscribe and leave comments! I have done research since I made this video and Michael Faraday created the "Faraday Cage" after theorizing that any electromagnetic wave that contacted a conductive metal (or surface) would instantly pass around it. This means that conductive materials like aluminum WILL block radio signals. The effectiveness of this simply depends on if there are any openings in the aluminum. If not, it will block the signal. My phone experiment is a good demonstration of this. Anyone who got different results probably didn't wrap the object properly. For example if it is not wrapped totally around something like a television antenna, it might AMPLIFY the waves instead of nullify them. An unplugged microwave will work to block signals as well. I'm going to make a box wrapped in aluminum (tightly) to use for radio wave blocking. This will benefit the investigations where we are trying to capture electronic voice phenomena.
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  1. I'm glad you liked it! I did further experimentation with? this in video two! Check that one out if you'd like. Maybe it will help give you ideas for your project.

    Good luck!