Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chemtrails - The Truth About Chemtrails

Chemtrails - The Truth About Chemtrails

Every now and then you'll hear someone say something that makes you laugh before you realise that the other person is being deadly serious.  This is what happens when people try to inform others about Chemtrails.  Lots of people have heard about them and dedicated their lives to researching and bringing the information to others - there just isn't enough people that know about them.

The truth about Chemtrails is simple, they are there we just don't have enough people calling for an investigation into them to get anything done about it at a level that gets results.  Some people feel that Chemtrails are simply too 'way out there' to be true and just laugh and dismiss the idea without any further thought.  It's these same people who go into deep shock when they are provided with clear evidence from governments around the world admitting to spraying chemicals on their own citizens in the name of chemical warfare!

As for getting more high level exposure on Chemtrails and finally getting to the truth of the matter - what is it being sprayed, mainstream media are simply ignoring what is happening before them.

There has been one local news report in Texas, that has shown and investigated Chemtrails - they found that there were high levels of chemicals on the ground that shouldn't be in nature - some of them used to form clouds.  The truth is getting out there more and more with the use of the internet - thousands of people are showing their proof on sites such as YouTube and other social networking sites.

If you want to get more information on Chemtrails and what they are finding out in the UK and US visit us at Cheshire Chemtrails or our independent news channel at News Independent

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