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Electronic Voice Phenomena and Ghost Boxes

Electronic Voice Phenomena and Ghost Boxes

A little background information on why I am writing an article on EVP and Ghost Boxes.  I was in conversation the other day, with a couple of people I know and they that were suggesting that I try out a couple of experiments using a Ghost Box.    I had never heard of a Ghost Box before - so needless to say, they had to explain what it was and how it worked.  What this would do for my own personal Spritual Development I don't know - seems like cheating to me! They know that I can sense spirit. talk to spirit, and hear spirit.  But stronger spirit communication is one of my constant development targets.

Their suggestion of my using a Ghost Box arose because they know I cannot hear spirit as and when I want - I tend to only hear them when they really want my attention and shout at me.  Or maybe it is just selective hearing - I'm sure I will find out one day.

I have heard of EVP and it is yet another thing that has been on my to-do list for years but for those of you who have no understanding of EVP here is an explanation.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)  is an event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on a recording.  These voices are not heard at the time of recording; it is only when the recording is played back that the voices are heard. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Some EVP is more easily heard and understood than others. And they vary in gender (men and women), age (women and children), tone and emotion. They usually speak in single-words, phrases and short sentences. Sometimes they are just grunts, groans, growling and other vocal noises. EVP has been recorded in many different languages.

A very basic way to try and capture these voices, is with a recording device and with another device playing 'White Noise'.  It is thought that the owners (spirits) of these voices are somehow able to manipulate these waves into recognisable words.  However, there have been many developments over the years, especially with the invention of The Ghost Box.

But What Is A Ghost Box?   By what I can gather a modern day Ghost Box is made up of a couple of radio receivers, that are made to scan the radio waves randomly, which are plugged into a mixer, the mixer is then plugged into a computer running an audio program which also generates white-noise and can record,  a microphone is also plugged into the computer.

You can turn the mixer down, to ask a question, then turn up the mixer, which generates the random frequencies of the radio-waves.  Give the 'voices' a chance to respond.  Then cut the mixer level again and go on to ask another question.  You continue in this way until you have asked all the questions you want to ask.

Turn the radio scanners off.  Play back your recordings.  If you can identify answers to your questions then well done you have made spirit communication!  With the computer audio programs, you can usually cut out additional unwanted interference which can make the voices clearer.

I am sure there are other ways of constructing a Ghost Box but what I have described above is my novice understanding of it.

One day I may actually get around to carrying out some experiments on a home made Ghost Box, or just normal EVP.  But I would certainly be interested in hearing more about this method of spirit communication.

I have been interested in all things related to spiritualism, meditation, self development for as long as I can remember. If any one has any experience of using EVP or a Ghost Box then I would love to hear from you.

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