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Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Haunted places in PA will walk you through some of the most haunted places to visit in the keystone state. Pennsylvania is a state rich with its rich historical heritage. The great heritage buildings and sites like the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall (Philadelphia), Amish Country (Lancaster County), the Valley Forge Encampment, the Gettysburg Battlefield and several stops all along the Underground Railroad.

Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters are of the view that this close intimacy of Pennsylvania to the pages of History includes a lot more than just the artifacts of the yesteryears. They predict a number of haunted places in PA.

And that is quite evident as all through the state of Pennsylvania there are a number of sites that are known to be eerie and haunted. There are numerous tales of these haunted places in PA that are not just interesting but at times frightening as well.

Now let's explore some of the haunted places in PA, town by town as they continue to rest in the ravages of time with their inherent hushed stories to be told.

Starting with Gettysburg some of the paranormal investigators believe that Gettysburg is supposedly not just one of the most haunted places in PA but also the most eerie place in the entire America.

This is primarily because it is the site of one of the most notable battles ever, the Civil War. Gettysburg is said to be the site to numerous ghostly sightings of the fallen soldiers in the battle who still continue to walk down the streets around Gettysburg which were once the bloody battles where they breathed their last.

Next in the list is Indiana situated in the South-Western part of Pennsylvania, this place is the home town of the famous Eliza Furnace. This is one of the oldest iron furnaces in America that is preserved till the day.

But the place is taken to be again one of the most haunted places in PA as it is said to be visited by the spirit of David Ritter who had dangled and hanged himself in the way in to the furnace. People can often see the apparition in the entrance eerily dangling on the end of a noose.

Johnstown is yet another of the ghostly places known in Pennsylvania, especially as one of the most haunted places in PA. The Johnstown Incline Plane is enlisted in the legendary Guinness Book of World Records as the most vertically placed vehicular inclined plane around the globe.

But then this same incline is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a few coal miners who were killed when unfortunately a coal mine collapsed near the incline in 1902, the apparitions are seen still holding on to their lunch buckets.

Last but not the least is Philadelphia, the Eastern State Penitentiary to be precise. This prison, supposedly one of the most haunted places in PA, was once home to infamous gangster Al Capone, is now abandoned and is haunted by the ghosts of several prisoners who died here. People have also seen the apparition of a ghost guard who can often be seen in the guard towers.

So take some time on your next trip to the keystone state to visit some of the most haunted places in PA.

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